Why i am not getting ads on web browser

Why i am not getting ads

You need to go into the Brave settings in the BAT icon and set the amount of ads you receive an hour to 10. I’ve had this issue before in the past too but I fixed it.

I’m not sure if it glitched and turned it off on its own or this if this is a built in feature to make sure your engaged. Just make sure to check those settings every now and then. Also as a side note, it’s always good to check that you’re wallet stays connected.

I found out that wallets disconnect somtimes as a safty feature for anti bot use. This is usually the main reason for people’s delayed funds all the time and people get flagged for different reasons if they take actions that make them seem like a bot.

Also, this is also something users should understand is that Brave wants to make the most out of the money they pay you every month. Therefore following the rules and staying engaged with Brave support or the community is vital.

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