Why have "Create Topic" button when I'm creating a topic?


I tried to create a big long topic to share with you. In doing so, I tried to “choose an optional tag”, which is right under the big text box I’m typing in. I didn’t find an appropriate tag, so I thought I’d create one, since RIGHT BELOW the box to “choose optional tags for this topic” is a nice blue button that says “Create”. So I clicked that AND PROMPTLY LOST THE ENTIRE TOPIC I had been carefully typing to assist you !!!

Well, I guess it’s not entirely lost, it did get saved and I see it now. But it was kind of a User Experience FAIL. So maybe you don’t need the “Create Topic” button to be so prominent when I’m IN THE MIDDLE OF CREATING A TOPIC.

Oh, now I get it. “Create Topic” while ON THE CREATE TOPIC BOX means “Submit”. Maybe you should change it to that.

Just a suggestion.


cc; @alex for comments.

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