Why have Brave Rewards rewards gotten so low?

a lot of people haven’t really ever sat down to research how much businesses pay to have ads displayed.

I researched this for a Cayman client who was interested a year or two ago. I think based on the info available at that time we estimated her ad would cost over $2,500. It exceeded her limit so we took it no further.

I’ve looked again and it seems that Brave rates are now $20 CPM?

Yeah, but if so, that’s another problem. According to sites like https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/cpm.asp

Cost per thousand (CPM ), also called cost per mille, is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions

  • So if $20 for 1,000 views, that would be $0.02 per ad.
  • 70% of $0.02 = $0.014
  • $0.14 = 0.058 BAT
    New Tab - Brave 3_20_2023 23_13_11

So if that pricing is right, we should be getting closer to the 0.5 or 0.6 BAT per ad.

  • For us to be getting 0.0025, we’d not even be getting 1% of what we are promised. Well, I guess would have to look at it as:

    • 0.0025 divided by 0.5 = 0.005 = 0.5%.
  • If we take $0.02 into BAT, that’s currently 0.082 BAT.

  • 0.0025 divided by 0.082 = 0.0304878048780488 = round to about 0.03 = 3%.

  • This would mean Brave is only paying us 3% of what they are charging for the ad, rather than the 70% we’ve been said to get.

Brave-News-Ad-Units.pdf - Brave 3_20_2023 23_23_17


I have about the same 1.22 but had 347 ads. seems much lower for me. not consistent per user?

@Thrive Actually, just caught something. The link you gave was for Brave News ads. But I went ahead and looked for Push Notifications. It showed like they are charging the same there, except one interesting tidbit. They showed as if they are charging $0.20 CPC (cost per click). This means they are also charging for each click but not paying that to us either.

I pulled that from https://brave.com/brave-ads/ad-formats/#push-notifications

So yes, we definitely have a lot of questions to have answered. Again, big issue of where I say they really need to improve on transparency.

I’ll tag @steeven, @chriscat, and @tmancey again just to see if they might be able to swing by and answer. Or maybe I’ll see if we can’t get them to write something officially.


The news ads don’t get counted unless you click on them. If i don’t click but do see it they do not get counted for example. What happens to me.

Outstanding resumee !
Total of 5 devices in my family, each one with its own verified profile(all registered in same month).
First 3 months, all devices got an average of 4BAT gross(same settings/reggion).
After 3 months, drastically dropped to 1.7-2 bat.
Question: is somehow rewarding new users for a certain period better?

Not that I have much BAT this month either, 1.607, but does anyone know why my statement page shows zero for every single month, even in the past? It’s been like that since the update on the price change (v18, I think?). Thanks.

Yes it’s because you are connected to Uphold / Gemini. The deposits done to those are direct deposits and bypass the Brave reward system. Therefore they don’t show up.

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I’ll look forward to seeing what feedback you get as I know you’re going to say something at a meeting! Also, if this is the way we’re headed (more than basic attention required to earn less than 1 BAT pcm) I was thinking perhaps you could run that poll again - the one where you ask how much we all earn each month. Would be interested (but perhaps not surprised) to see the new figures!

I tracked this month very carefully the ads i was seeing(none of them was clicked, so that we know is only seen/dismissed).

Ratio is 0.010 BAT per ad.
Some ads give 0.030, some gives 0.001 and so on…
But at the end, you can see the amount of ads and tokens here in image.

If you check you can see 61 ads and 0.67 BaT, i can bet that the next set of ads(maybe 6 ads today), there will be 68 ads, and 0.79BAT. I will keep track and post next change.

Don t know if it s fair or not, since i never got more than 2BAT even if click them almost instantly.


Now i got 0.050 for an ad.
Total ads 62 and 0.721 BAT

Which AD gave this?
It seems ChangeX


For 2 ads 0.050(each 0.025) BAT.


@Thrive actually I had some conversations and then kind of summarized some info at PSA: BAT Ad Prices Explained (kind of)

Guess let me know what you think.

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I guess you’re lucky enough to have some ads in your location. For the entire month I too have tracked every ad and consistently been paid 0.005 for every two (0.003 for one and then 0.002 the next) regardless of advertiser.

On my main browser my estimated earnings are at 0.712 BAT(18 cents). I have seen 199 ads to get that, which averages around 0.003 per ad. Other browsers in the household are between 0.1 and 0.4 BAT.

Nice one, I knew you’d be on it! Thanks for all the research and for raising this with the team. Appreciate it.


What can i mention, is that most of them(90%) are notifications. Not NTP ads.

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Le post qui était ici a été intégré au suivant

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As i mentioned in my post :

Keep tracking the counts of ads/bat, and now is still a rate of 0.010 BAT per ad. (at moment 68 ads / 0.608 BAT / Italy)

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please kindly share some numbers, like total ads per month, and estimated bat. So we can make a rate.


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