Why everybody is silent?

Why everybody is silent?

What do you mean exactly? What are you talking about?

All troubles and no solutions?


That’s a good question bro. There’s no brave support. They always say we’re currently working on a solution but I don’t see any. Brave is the only browser that pays unfortunately. Brave needs a competition

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I’ve seen support quite a bit. The issue is they can get swamped/overwhelmed and miss posts. On top of that, people don’t always post in the right area. For example I posted in Mobile Support with an iOS tag to talk about adblocking. That hasn’t gotten a response. However, someone else posted in the Ad-Blocking and did get a response. I was able to reply there and get a little something said.

So yeah, it’s all about making sure to post in the right areas, providing the appropriate amount of information, sometimes piggy backing where you see attention is at, and also making sure you’re giving it time.

The other issue is people don’t read. Like right now you can go to various topics and you’ll notice people repeat the same issues/questions repeatedly in new posts. Those will often get skipped and make it seem like nobody is answering when all they needed to do was read and respond to existing posts OR even message people like @steeven or @Mattches for help.

Maybe my tagging two of them though, they can give better advice on things I’m missing that would help draw more attention and have people find answers.

There is plenty of support. We deal with thousands of requests every single day. The best way to receive support is to open a thread and include all the information requested in the editor when you open the thread so we have as much detail surrounding your issue as possible.

If you are still not getting a reply, please tag one of us in the thread to get our attention.

Thank you.