Why don't the BATs go to my wallet to solve it?

why don’t the BATs go to my wallet to solve it? , my Uphold verified why not sync Bat to my wallet plz ? how to fix ?

Brave is up to date
Version 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @TheLordSea. You have a verified Uphold account, so at every payout you receive on your desktop, your earned BAT will be directly deposited into your Uphold.
You will not see an amount here…

You should receive an email and/ or a message from Uphold when your BAT is deposited. If you missed them, you can check by signing into your Uphold and looking at the Activity tab and checking your transaction history:

This amount you see here…
… is your current estimated BAT earnings for this month - that you should receive in the next payout cycle.

I hope this helps, cheers !

Sir Monthly Withdraw to UPhold Wallet ?

Yes, @TheLordSea , the payouts are done once a month, usually within the first week to two weeks of the month.

Thnaks Bro i’m wait for this is time.

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Hi, @urbie , are you a Creator ?
It looks like the Creators Payout is still processing. You can follow status updates here:

Once it is finished, if you still haven’t received the BAT you believe you have coming to you, follow the instructions on the post there to contact Brave Support.

The forum here is used to get in contact with support. I think @steeven could be able to help you, @urbie .

If you have some suspicions that your account may be suspended - for whatever reason - you can email suspensions@brave.com and find out.
If you go this route, be as detailed as possible with your account(s)/ device(s) and activity.

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