Why don't the BATs accredit me? The referrals have already confirmed me

Greetings, the time of my referrals has reached its end of the month, which are all confirmed. But the Balance is 0.00Bat Can you explain that to me?Screenshot_71

DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.

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Sem problem with me sir

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I already sent you DM please solve and credit the bat, several have the same problem.

I have already read many people with this problem and as the days go by, confirmations continue to be added, but no bat is added.
I hope they appear and are not lost.

Same problem? Kindly fix server

DM please @steeven

same problem here and i recived me payment front june but the statics dosent work

DM DM DM DM DM DM DM DM @steeven

Thanks for your patience.