Why doesn't "Private Window with TOR" include TOR's 'New Identity' option?

TOR provides enhanced identity protection through a ‘New Identity’ option that doesn’t seem to be included in Brave’s implementation of TOR. (It’s not a listed option in the hamburger dropdown menu.)

Why is that option missing?


From TOR’s online manual: “Tor Browser features “New Identity” and “New Tor Circuit for this Site” options… located in the main menu (hamburger menu).”

@mattches Can the "New Identity’ option be enabled in Private TOR tabs or is it not supported in Brave’s implementation of TOR?

If the latter, why was that considered expendable? Seems to be at the heart of TOR’s usefulness in preserving user privacy.


I don’t have an exact answer for you at this time, but I’ve reached out to some tor folks to see what they say.

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