Why doesn't have the function to have Brave reward seamlessly transfers to Brave wallet?

It might be someone has already risen this question before, but it amazed me that why it has to be either stay in your browser or a third party custodial wallet? A seamlessly transfer to brave wallet that is in-built in the browser as another option makes more sense to me.

I get that there are business deals within, but there are constantly issues around connecting with a custodial wallet. For instance Gemini now can only be connected for people living in US. Regulation keeps changing and users are forced to adapt the change. Uphold wallet connection to Brave browser just can never fixed, While BitFlyer only available to Japan.

Why having to take that much of hassles where we can have an alternative option for people to transfer BAT to their own Brave wallet. Then whatever happened, that would be the user’s responsibility only, and more importantly, it’s self-custodial and a boost for people to use Brave wallet as daily expense instead.

Brave team can spend more time focus on innovation + marketing, less than having to deal with issue or trying to trouble shoot something. So, I hope to see this idea, brave reward can transfer to our brave wallet, come to life.

Just a thought. By the way, thanks for Brave team working hard on its project for the community.

Brave wallet is a non custodial wallet (self custody). In short, Brave is required to send the BATs through a custodial Partner.

Brave use “regulated custodial”, becouse tranfering tokens is free between users.
Tranfering to a non-custodial wallet, GAS FEE has to be paid(which is 10x higher than the amount user can earn.).
This is more a plausible reason.

Brave can always shift to low cost networks, there is Solana-pegged BAT already. So better to go by what’s stated officially. Gas fee isn’t the main issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


@CHAMER Answers to these questions and more can be found in little FAQ I wrote:

It would be nice seeing personal opinions here…

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