Why doesn't "Contact Us" and/or "Forums/Community" appear in menu

I had difficulty finding “Contact Us” or “Forums” or “Community” in the Brave “hamburger” menu. Why is it not there?

Hello @VoodooII

Thank you for reaching out and for being part of our community. I’m more than happy to answer your question, Please use this link to have all the information about the community and how you can submit a bug report.

Please, let me know if that answer the question and have a nice day!

@VoodooII It’s in there, but under About Brave.

If you’re asking why they don’t have a Help part like Chrome does, not sure anyone really has an answer. You can always submit that as a feature request. But typically any errors that occur with the browser will refer people to this site. And if you go to Brave’s official site and go to the bottom where you normally see Contact Us, you’ll notice that they provide a Help Center and method of contact.

I guess I should have said that I am 73 years old and don’t remember things from one day to the next with all the other issues I have to deal with. I won’t remember that I have to go to “brave.com” and then go to the bottom of the page. That is why Community needs to be in the hamburger menu. But thanks Saoiray for telling where it currently is elsewhere. I see Community is at the bottom of the page of Get Help with Brave also but am I going to remember that too?

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