Why doesn't Brave work like other wallets like Metamask, Payeer?

Why doesn’t Brave work like other wallets like Metamask, Payeer since Uphold and Gemini are not compatible with certain regions or because some users are having problems with these wallets?

Brave is a browser. It’s purpose is to surf internet. Brave is a not a wallet.
Brave Wallet is a wallet. And it works like Metamask. Which means, in order to transfer tokens, fees must be paid using Ethereum. Looking at the value of BAT, you would need to earn hundreds of BAT before making any transfer to your wallet, otherwise you would pay more in fees than what you would ever receive.

On the other end, using a custodial wallet, like Uphold and Gemini, the transfers are internal. Somehow, as part of their agreement, the custodial wallets credit BAT in your wallet on behalf of Brave. No fees are due.

I hope they come out with a technical solution for these limitations. But, at the moment, this is the best we can get.

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