Why doesn't brave list The Epoch Times website?

Website not listed, only negative reviews.

What do you mean? On Brave Search? Their website and social media is among the top links.

Not sure whether OP is talking about Brave Search or Brave News, but I tried only following Epoch Times and Brave Blog under the Brave News settings, but I see no posts from Epoch Times.

I just tested and I see what you mean. It seems the RSS they are using may not be valid. You can go to https://www.theepochtimes.com/rssfeeds to grab RSS info and plug it in. So to show what I mean:

  • I went to Customize from the Dashboard (New Tab Page). Then chose Brave News. That brought up screen below:

On the Epoch Times link I provided, I chose a particular RSS, such as the one for all of US. Clicking on it brings me to a page like you see below:

From that, you just need the URL, so that would be https://feed.theepochtimes.com/us/feed.

Copy/paste that back at the Brave News thing and it would be like below:


Click on the Get feeds from... button and it turns into the below:


Click on Follow

From then on, it will appear in your Brave News. Such as below:

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Respectfully, can you show it?

Did you not look at my screenshots @Ron63? If you couldn’t see it in your email, you may need to come visit the topic on the website again

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