Why Doesnot Show Brave Ads

i am using brave all day long…i am doing all my work with brave browser…i stop using firefox and chorme… i saw some of my friends get ands pe hour and earn some BAT token but i am using 6-7 hours brave browser in a day form several month still i haven’t got any singel ads…is there any problem with the system or i have done something wrong…please fix this issue…thanks

Did you install an adblocker from the Chrome Store?

ALready have please look at the screenshort

look at the screenshort

I mean that

you said i need close all extention then try it ??

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try deactivating or uninstalling it

already complete but doesnot work

Hi. No ads yet? I havnt seen any either. I have the ad per hour feature on, bit no ads. “Sadly”, just like my brave rewards account reads.

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