Why does whitelisting option to 'allow ads' also allow 'tracking'?

I wanted to whitelist a website, but when I looked at the options there was only “Allow ads and tracking.”

Is there no option to just “allow ads” (but not tracking)?

Hi @mk7z,

So here’s the answer that I got from the team.

The reason we have “ads and trackers” together as one item is because usually ads ARE trackers / contain trackers. It’s not possible to separate it out in some cases.

The team also considering about changing the label or give more information about that to educate users.



OK, thanks.

BTW, why is there a 20-char. minimum in the editor?

Is ‘liking’ the preferred ‘short’ reply (instead of “OK, thanks”)?

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That’s from Discource (the platform that used for this Community forum). AFAIK the minimum post length is configurable, but it defaults to 20.

Whichever that you prefer. I used both. :smiley:
And with :heart: at least I know you already saw it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, however, ‘liking’ and ‘thanking’ are different. :slight_smile:

(I assume you meant the team has to configure it – i.e., it’s not under ‘user’ control.)

That is correct. It’s to ensure that users write/report at least one full sentence. A post titled “Browser crashing” which reads: “Why?” isn’t super useful.

:heart: is there to avoid repetitive messages that may clog a thread. So to answer your question, yes, likes > “thanks”. But that shouldn’t deter you from further expressing you’re appreciation!
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