Why does this website lockup the browser?


Seems this was reported previously, but I did investigate it.

There seems to be a specific script causing it. https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/5406

Not ideal, but did discover the script causing the issue. Have submitted a possible temp-fix, but needs to be reviewed.

Please report this site to Homeland Security.
It is cyber terrorism.
I could myself but I have no credibility since this is technical and you folks at Brave are the technical folks.

While I don’t agree with the site personally, you have to be impartial regardless of the content of the site.

Hi Ryan,

I suggested you note this to Home Land Security as a cyber crime because it represents a persistent source of sabotage and harm on the internet. It was reported, according to my reading of your logs, at least as far back as July of 2019.

The actual content on the site is a mystery to me as I am not able to access it. I don’t know if the content is useful or not or whether it is political or not because Brave locks. This is the fundamental problem.

Yet the site keeps a damaging script running, month after month, right? What should we call that if not malicious and harmful?

In any case, do what you think is best.

I follow the “See Something, Say Something” rule, myself.

We are all in this together. Thanks for Brave!

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