Why does this run so slowly?

I really liked the idea of this browser. Downloaded it and tried it for two days.

Yes, it handled converting all my bookmarks easily and the interface was enough like using firefox that it was a pretty effortless switch.

However, it was SLOW. I assumed that maybe it was having to get information from the net that was already in the firefox buffers and so gave it two days but it didn’t seem to get any faster so I made Firefox my default browser again.

It’s fine playing you-tube videos but it’s just dead slow when scrolling through websites like facebook. What gives? Also I cannot launch Facebooks Words with Friends which I play regularly.

Hi @Havan_IronOak,

Welcome to community and thanks for your feedback! What OS and Brave version are you using?

To play Words with Friends, a quick fix is to disable Shields by clicking on the lion icon in the Url bar, and toggling off:

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