Why does each line of a URL search need to be selected to delete all of the URL hits in History

I have problems with a website. The first thing tech support seems to say is to delete my history. I don’t want to delete my history for every URL. So I search for the URL of interest, get 162 hits, look for a “select all” box for all the search hits, but nothing. I have to go through every hit and click the box, fill a page, then delete, rinse, repeat…repeat…repeat…friggin’ repeat…
I have got to be overlooking something, because this is typically an option for lists management.
I am using a MS Surface Win10, up to date. But this has been a problem for all my computers since I started using Brave 3 years ago.

Deleting history isn’t generally a tech support thing to do. What you’re likely confusing yourself with is that you’re asked to clear cookies and/or cache. Deleting history generally does nothing.

Nope, instead it’s checkboxes. If you click one checkbox and then hold Shift and click another, it will check all the boxes between them. Or you can even check off one box and then hit Ctrl + A and it will select everything.

Grrrr (at myself).
Yes, you’re right on both. Thank you!!
:+1: :grinning: :+1:

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