Why Does Clicking Link Lead to a page other than the url Associated with the Link?


  1. Using Brave Search, search for “who investigates causes of fires”
  2. Find the search result entitled: “How Fires Are Investigated,” from lieffcabraser.com.

Please refer to image below for clarification.

  1. Right-clock on this link, select “Copy LInk Address.”
  2. Paste the link into notepad/text editor. NOte that url is
  3. IN A separate browser Window, surf to the url saved in step 1, without clicking on the link in the search results. Observe the page and its url this brings up.
  4. IN the Brave Browser window with the search results, click on the item for which the url was saved in step 1.
  5. NOte that a different page comes up from the one corresponding to the url saved in step 1.

Repeat the prrocess, skipping steps 3-6.



On my side, no problem; I get the same page. I also checked URL with Kaspersky Security.

Please give the url of the different page that the copied url brings.

Try doing the same but in a private windows.

@carla_rogers ,

Try . . .

Go to brave://flags

Make note of any experiments/flags that you have experimented with; then click the Reset all button.

You might be prompted to Restart Brave Browser.

Return to brave://flags and search for Enable De-AMP and select Disable

Go to: brave://net-internals/#dns and click on Clear host cache

Next, go to: brave://net-internals/#sockets and click on both (in succession):

  • Close idle sockets
  • Flush socket pools

Exit/Quit everything and restart your computer.

Notes re what are:

DNS cache:

Socket pool:

With pooling, instead of closing a connection after it is used, we can keep it idle while it waits to handle another request. This saves the resources required to create a new connection.


I did follow your steps that you outlined.


  • Brave Browser for Mac, v1.40.105
  • New Private Window(s) on the Mac
  • Brave Browser for iOS, v1.39.1 (
  • Private Browsing Only on iOS

Going to:

by various methods, all attempts are redirected to:

Site settings:

  • brave://settings/content/siteDetails?site=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lieffcabraser.com

  • JavaScript: Allow

  • Pop-ups and redirects: Block

So my guess was and still is, that:

The website’s determination to redirect, is probably the source of the issue.

I next used the website’s built-in Search engine feature (a Search box field) and for criteria:

  • fires investigated

The result:

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 8.18.58 PM

I still don’t understand why a redirect away from the target page was occurring only when navigating to it by clicking on a link in Brave search. It must have been caused by something in brave browser intercepting the click event and redirecting to a different url. I suppose it is possible the target page could redirect to a different page only if the referrer field in the http header contained a reference to brave search, but I think the redirect was taking the browser away from the target berore the browser reached the target. I could have checked that, but now the phenomenon is no longer occurring.