Why does brave request permissions to email/gmail accounts... and when device wasn't in use?


First day giving Brave a test drive.

Picked up my mobile after hours of inactivity and was not happy to see that Brave had tried to access my google accounts on the phone during this period**. Why? Why does a privacy-centric browser like Brave want or need to do anything related to the underlying accounts on my device when I am not present with the device in hand?

**The request was blocked and permissions were requested since I have Privacy Guard enabled by default for all new apps.


Hi @triedbrave

Are you using Android or iOS?



This was on Android. I read another thread with many users experiencing the same issue some time ago. It seemed that your developers linked it to something in Chromium. Apparently no fix/removal of whatever is causing the attempts to access the device accounts yet though?


Hi @triedbrave

We just released a new version (1.0.29) that will hopefully solve the issue mentioned in this thread: Account permissions.

Could you please update to latest on Android and see if it solves your issue?


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