Why does Brave for Android need so many permissions?


I use Brave at my Google Pixel 4 (Android 10 newest updates).
But why does Brave for Android (1.8.93) need so many permissions?

Camera, Web bookmark and history, WIFI connections, fill network access, Microfone, Media files, Storage, Audio settings, Bluetooth, NFC,
and so on.
What for?
Although I manually blocked most of these in the Brave options, as per Android they are still active.

Tor or Firefox Focus for Android needs much less permissions.

Sorry, but that seems not very trustful to me.


Because some of your action/s when interacting with site/s while using Brave may requiring you to give Brave an access to that specific permission/s to provide the specific ability.

Like this one is for taking a picture. e.g. you want to update your Facebook avatar and you choose “take a new photo” then Facebook asking you to give Brave permission to access the camera so Brave can take the picture for you.

And this one when you download file in Brave, so Brave can write that file to your storage.

And etc. etc.

And by giving Brave the permission/s doesn’t mean Brave will always access your camera, storage, etc. Only when the site is requiring Brave to take some specific action. And that’s normal.

Hi Eljuno,

thank you for prompt reply.

But that was not my question.

I’m just wondering why Brave need permissions to features, a browser in generell does not need, i.e.: full network access, Microfone, Audio settings, Bluetooth, NFC.
By the way, a Browser does NOT need access to my camera.

I disables all permissions in the Brave settings, but nevertheless android tells me all these features are still enabled for Brave. So you may understand that feel dubiously to me.

Especially for a browser which claims to protect data privacy.

Sorry for my grammar, I’m not a native english speaker.


cc @Mattches @sriram @samartnik on this :point_up:

Full network access is needed when you need to access the web or check if internet connexion is available. One app that for example only need to download some pictures from the web to display it must have ‘full network access’ enable.


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