Why does brave browser always open new tab in foreground & why does it keep asking me what browser I want to use when I click on a link from within it?


Ok, for some reason, whenever I click on a google search result in Brave Browser, it keeps asking me what browser I want to open the link. It doesn’t make sense to me why brave was made to behave in this manner, because it is obvious I want to open it in Brave since I’m google searching from within it. This isn’t standard Chrome behavior, I have made a video demonstrating how this is NOT the case in Chrome by first opening 2 links in Brave, then switching to Chrome at 0:17 of the video & opening the same 2 links.

Here it is - https://youtu.be/MwRx_a7NwuU

All the other chromium forks I’ve tried also don’t behave in this manner.

Second: Because of this behavior, every link I open in a new tab opens in the foreground instead of the background. Again this isn’t standard Chrome or Chromium behavior. At 0:41 of the video, I switch to Brave again and you can see even though I’m clicking always, different sites keep asking me what browser I want to use. Annoying. At least an option to open in the background would be nice? Links opening in foreground makes me less productive. In Chrome, I perform a google search result, open an interesting link in a new background tab, move on to read the rest of the results & continue the same process until I’m done with opening all the interesting results, then I read all of them at once. Now in Brave, I open a link in a new tab, it opens in foreground then I have to go back to the search tab again & repeat the same process. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Brave, it’s the best Chromium fork I’ve seen, but this is the only reason I can’t make it my daily driver. I’m writing about it here so I can help improve it rather than just letting it go & use some other browser, thanks.

I’m only trying to understand whether this behavior was intentional by devs or a bug? Because if it is, I don’t understand why.

Android version: SlimROM 7.1.2 Nougat
Brave version - 1.0.35


Hi @downloaderfan

Has this always happened for you when using Brave or is it new as of a specific release? Is it still happening on the latest release?

Also - thanks for the video! It was very helpful to see the exact actions you were taking!



I first tried brave about 6 months ago, didn’t make this my daily driver at the time because of this issue & didn’t bother reporting because other things were going on in my life. I tried it again last month, saw the same bug & reported. Tried it again today on v1.0.37, the bug still exists.

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