Why does autocontribute reactivate by itself without any action from my part?

Hi, It’s been 2 year im using brave now and, this month, i don’t know why the browser just reactivated autocontribute without any action from my part and gived my coin to some random platform.

Why is this happening ?

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You doing marketing for other plateform on brave community for a shitty extension that use my ressource and electricity to mine coin or even worst seems totally as a scam sire. Don’t be fooled people this man is a fraud!

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think before you post, what you are doing is against the rules of this forum

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Stop spamming this community with your shill posts for some other browser.

Have you recently linked your browser to an Uphold wallet? Have you recently started using Brave Rewards on a different device? Make sure you check ALL of your devices on which Brave is installed.

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I use brave on other device but im in guest mode on most of them. so there was no link The problem occured on a desktop version of brave that was installed 5 month ago. Other device are fine. Maybe it’s after a update ? Thank you rosiecar for your reply

Make sure you have auto-contribute turned off in ALL your devices. The default is for it to be turned on, so you have to manually turn it off after you install Brave on a new device.

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