Why do webpages tell me that I have just logged in via Chrome

This is not a bug per se but a query. I know Brave is based on Chrome but why do websites tell me that I have just logged in with Chrome. Why do they not know it was Brave? Does it matter? Thanks,

It is a question of what the particular site is detecting.
So the answer might or might not be Chrome.

Here is a test site (no log on necessary):

The difference is whether the site gets it straight from the user agent string or does a more thorough examination.

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Interesting. I tried the site and

So both half right as is Brave on Android 10.

Point is both:

  1. Never noticed this issue with other browsers and
  2. Does it matter?



Here is a site that will give you more raw data about what exactly is in your headers. Maybe that will help you answer your question.


Not posting screen shots because it’s too much identifiable information.

Hi, just ran across this post. I get this when I use the “whatismybrowser” site.

I didn’t use the dev.jeffersonscher because could not open with https:// and I have an automatic aversion to sites that are not using https:// :grin: Any other suggestions for sites that can give me the same information? I’ld really like to find out why my results are saying chrome and not brave…

Beta version whatismybrowser results :

Also just noticed that the whatismybrowser website says:

which is odd as Brave settings say that third party cookies are not enabled.

Is that something to worry about or is Brave doing something clever?

Do you have block scripts disabled on the shield icon? Mine is on and what the site shows is below. When I disable, it shows the same as yours.

Useragent isn’t the only method of detection. you can add the following whatismybrowser.com##+js(brave-fix) add into brave://adblock to counter the Brave check,


I do/did have scripts not blocked. I have and now it says no to javascript and both cookies could not be detected. But why did it still think 3rd party cookies enabled before when they were specifically turned off.?

I really don’t know. I am not very tech savvy. It does seem the third-party cookies should be disabled even if user does disable scripts blocked. I do not know if the result displayed is as it should be or not. Maybe has something to do with this Brave GitHub issue report?

The site is going by probabilities based on parsing the headers + some additional stuff using scripts. It cannot detect directly what your settings might be.

If you really want to get technical, dig deeper with developer tools (control+shift+I) and examining source (control+U).

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Thanks for the info. :smiley: I’ve tried looking at devtools before. It is overwhelming for a non-tech person and not much use. Ditto for anything that says “html” in header. :wink:

@Ukjoe Apologies in advance! Going into off-topic territory below! :smiley:

At this point, I am struggling to decide if I should learn more about the more technical tools and information available or not. Learning how to use devtools seems like something that would help with Brave issues. Other more tech savvy users and even moderators seem to use and reference something about it frequently. But as a non-tech savvy end-user, my gut tells me that Brave should work as advertised and intended without having to jump through hoops, including the “devtools” hoop!

Well OK, but it’s not a defect in Brave that some site thinks it’s Chrome.

Because it really is, you know.

I know. :smiley: I actually like that it is not showing Brave… :wink:

Edit: And as for the 3rd party cookie thing, it may just be something “wrong” with that sites “test” and not necessarily anything to do with Brave and actual Brave settings. But it might. I think I will go to Firefox just out of curiosity and see what it says! :laughing:

Firefox with standard and strict settings (blocks 3rd party cookies)

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