Why do we have to "Request" extensions?

This is something I need explained to me because I honestly haven’t seen it explained well anywhere:

Why the need to “request” extensions at all? Is there not (as is the industry standard) an Open Source API that lets ANY extension developer build an extension around and then submit for review and addition? I mean, Brendan Eich started Brave and we all know he came from Mozilla, the browser that pioneered the idea of browser extensions. Why is this not a thing in Brave?

As it stands right now I’ve seen requests for all of the most popular extensions sitting in the community forum here for MONTHS with nothing to show for it. It would seem that the way Brave is currently handling extensions isn’t working. Maybe it’s time to open up the playground and let everyone in?

Or maybe I have no idea what I am talking about and this is already the case but nobody wants to come and play. Frankly, I don’t know. Can somebody educate me, please?

Thanks for your informative and kind replies.

Hi @Wearyman,

That’s because previously the team need to check the extension first for security and privacy before it supported. Also may this post can help answer your question https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/


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Cyberspace & threats are evolving at a rapid rate. It’s always a good idea to Have a close shell environment. A simple review of an extension from 5 or 7 members won’t be enough. An extension is something that interacts with your browsing habits & everything you do on your internet via that browser. If an exploit is found or intentionally made, a huge amount of damage is done to vast number of users. This definitely doesn’t mean having extensions is a bad thing. What I’m trying to say is, developers that create an extension undergoes a vast amount of inspection, most of them get rejected due to suspicious behaviour. So I guess there’s a “Request” feature in the forum so that the developers can focus on only the extensions needed/required to users rather than just having a bunch of random extension that an average user without specific knowledge can download for fun/testing resulting into harming their own system.

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