Why do we have to look at the popup window that flash will discontinued for A WHOLE YEAR!

Every time I open Brave I have to close the “Flash will be discontinued in December 2020” popup window.
Do you have to start doing this now? It’s ridiculous. Chrome doesn’t even have this notice.
Can’t you add a “dismiss this notice” box?
I still use sites daily that run on flash. When flash is no longer supported, I’ll figure out something else, but to constantly demand that we respond to this popup every time I open Brave is absurd.
Between this, and having to abandon any and all attempts to sync my computers using Brave, I may have to “abandon” Brave browser.


This message is actually inherited directly from the Chromium engine and was not directly implemented by Brave. Further, Chrome does have this exact same message:

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I don’t get this message on ANY of my computers when I use Chrome. Why can’t we disable this notice? I open my browser many times each day and it’s a hassle.