Why do Uphold, Gemini, Coinbase have such terrible trust scores?

As far as I know, the only way to supposedly withdraw BAT to a bank account is through companies like Uphold, Gemini, Coinbase. Brave associated themselves primarily with Uphold.

Why are the Uphold reviews and trust score so low on trustpilot?


2.4 out of 5 now, in other words poor, 37% of the reviews are bad. You can also read individual reviews. A lot of people call them scammers and scams while telling their experience with Uphold.

To put into perspective what a huge red flag this is, another big company has 521,610 reviews on trustpilot, 4.7 out of 5 (Excellent) score, 89% Excellent reviews, I bought something from once, everything went well, 1 year later I made another purchase from them and I still had a bad frustrating experience despite their high trust score, I gave them a negative review. If this happened, imagine what could happen dealing with a company like Uphold that has bad trust score.

I know I’m not the only one who disliked Uphold right away for many reasons, like how complicated the sign up and verification are. A lot of people also reported bad experiences with Uphold, failure to transfer BAT to their bank account.

Gemini has even worse score: 1.5 out of 5 (bad), 79% bad reviews.
Coinbase 1.7 out of 5, bad, 77% bad reviews.

If you click on withdraw funds on the Brave wallet page, Brave links you directly to Uphold. Why would Brave associate themselves with these companies that lack trust, labeled as scams by so many people?

If a company associates with scammers and enables them, is on the road to become part of the problem. If so many people can’t even withdraw their BAT or use it in any way, BAT becomes a lie, dishonest. Now for the constructive criticism this forum asked. I suggest to the Brave team to cease working with Uphold at once, find a new partner or develop themselves a quicker, more reliable, practical, realist way to convert BAT to real money.

I don’t trust “Trustpilot” much. It’s very easy for companies to improve their score: they just have to write fake reviews. Trustpilot claims to remove fake reviews, but it’s not true, and even when they remove a review, you can rewrite an identical one.
So, if you see a low score, it means that the company is honest and hasn’t written any fake reviews!
By the way, Brave doesn’t use Coinbase.

I’ve read someone talk about Coinbase and Gemini related to BAT, don’t know more details.

Going by your logic, where are those “fake reviews” on the other company I mentioned that has 521,610 reviews on trustpilot, 4.7 out of 5 (Excellent) score, 89% Excellent reviews? It’s not a rare case, there are many big companies on trustpilot with very high scores almost at 100%.

You can’t trust any site then because there are liars, scammers, fake comments on every site. Some human beings are just liars, it’s in their DNA, so they will lie anywhere, even online.

As for Upload, if you scroll down on their trustpilot page, you will see Upload themselves replied to many bad reviews, giving suggestions, which shows the reviews are real. Also, you can use common sense to read individual reviews and think for yourself if it sounds fake or a real story. I know I did that and every review I read sounds real, I also posted my own reviews on trustpilot with extended details, they were all real.

I totally agree, which is why I don’t trust trustpilot.com either.

That’s good to know, nobody stops you from believing in online anonymous reviews, but as far as I’m concerned I have my doubts.

You’re free to have your doubts. I’m not here to convince you of anything, or convince anyone who comes to this forum. You should think for yourself. I’m just sharing my point of view.

You can see on the right side it says Uphold replied to 92% of the bad reviews. Then I scrolled down to read individual reviews.

The reviews are not completely anonymous, a lot of these people use their real name, maybe some of them don’t use real name, but a nickname (which is very normal online), doesn’t mean they are fake, it’s just the username they chose when signing up. For example take a look at the bad review I copy & paste below, 18 hours ago, by Sunghyun Choi.

Like Choi, many of these reviews provide their ticket number, Uphold replies acknowledging the same (real) ticket #, which proves the reviews are real, not fake, real open complaints by real Uphold unsatisfied costumers.

"Sunghyun Choi
1 star: Very bad

18 hours ago

[I need my money https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/60916004f9f4870a786e1c96

I need my money back.


Answer from Uphold

13 hours ago

Hi there :wave: Thanks for reaching out and sharing your ticket number, we’ve notified our team, they’ll be in touch within the next hours!"

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