Why do Spanish users see fewer ads?


Reading some posts today, I found some users get dozens, even hundreds, of BAT each month. I’ve asked other Spanish users and we all get less than 10 BAT/month.

In my case, I get an average of 4 ads per day, so I expect about 6 BAT every month. I started using Brave in April.

I don’t know if there is a reason for this, but I have two possible ideas:

  • We are new users so we get fewer ads.
  • There aren’t enough advertisers interested in Spanish audience.

Please tell me if you have some information about this.

Because it’s depends on the availability of ads campaign in your country @jerugon.

If more advertisers running their ad campaigns and targeting your country, that mean you’ll have more chance to see more ads and earn more BAT.

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What information about users other than their nationality is used for ad targeting purposes? Does this affect our privacy?

Thanks for your quick response!

Your interest (from your browsing history).

Brave is learning your interest, locally, and try to match it with the available ads catalog. And if match found, Brave will show you ads. More ads campaign, more ads shown to you (if match found).

No. Because Brave Ads is opt-in and private by design. All Ads related process is happens locally, on your device. Your data never leave your device.

Briefly explained in the announcement https://brave.com/brave-ads-launch/

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