Why do I send Funds to Brave Software?

As requested in the title, I don’t understand why Brave services is sending funds from MY wallet to Brave Software (which is my browser that I earn BAT, Basic Attention Rings with).
Please help me to solve this problem, Thanks

PS : I’ve turned off Auto-Contribuer, so I’m not supposed to send funds.

On all devices you’ve ever connected to Uphold? If you have even one device with auto contribute on, you’ll see BAT leave your Uphold because of it.

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Thanks, I didn’t know …

I checked my browser on mobile and the auto contribuer was enabled, so I turned it off.

But how do you know if there is others devices connected ? Because i formatted my windows 10 OS recently, and there must be 2 or 3 devices connected, I don’t know.

Open brave on the other devices →
Click on the triangular Brave rewards button near search bar → check if it says verified over here

If it does, then click on verified if you also have a gemini account but if not then yes, your device is verified /connected with Uphold. If it shows Unverified like in mine, then that Brave rewards isn’t verified / connected with Uphold/Gemini. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Sorry I’m really late to respond here @GodHari . Looks like you didn’t reply to me but did a general reply, so it never gave me a notification. Just happened to see it today because you just marked a solution and it notified me.

There’s no way of knowing about devices connected except just to check settings for all the devices yourself, whatever you’ve connected to your Uphold. In order for it to process, it would be a device which is connected to the internet and being used, as it would have to relay information to Brave to receive and send payment. If they all have Auto-Contribute off, then you’d be good.

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