Why do I not recieve any ADS?

Its set 5 ads per hour but I dont get any ads at all… What to do?


I have the same problem

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I’ve been asking the same question for 8 days. Finding anything out is like the ads, no where to be seen apart from cut and paste man who will tell you to keep browsing.

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Same here its not working well on my Windows 10 1909…!! ads not showing but in my friend MAC laptop he got it half day…!!

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I also have Windows 10.

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This depend from the campaigns in your country. See the campaigns here: https://brave.com/transparency/

Always if you have made a correct setup of Brave Rewards.

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Hi @seperdeg, welcome to Community!

Setting your Ad views to 5 an hour means you’ll see up to 5 ads an hour. It is not a guarantee that you will see 5 every hour.

For more information of seeing Brave Ads, see:

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See this post. Worked well for me! Then go to your notifications settings in windows and enjoy.

I have 5 ads every hour, but i recived 0 ad every days for 4 days… With today

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