Why do i need to verify my portfolio if i am not trading?

I have a question, perhaps even trivial, why do I have to verify my wallet (when I have already verified my identity, which already goes against the first principle of Brave) I DO NOT move 10 million dollars a month?

I’m a common user who gets 3-4 BAT a month through advertising.

I find this absurd thing a behavior not in line with the principles of the Brave (Privacy)

how this situation is resolved


Hi @kyd, please see - https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032158891-What-is-KYC-.

I read the article you recommended, and I answer what you wrote.

Brave does not carry out the KYC but delegates third-party companies to do so, without knowing what they will do with our data.

In the event that I would like to move my BATs legally obtained through viewing the ads from a wallet A to a B, I cannot because it is forced by third parties to do the KYC.

Gemini solution has the same problems seen being a full-fledged exchange.

The most important question is that I have already done the KYC but now other documents are requested such as, where my funds come from, where my wealth comes from, but if I keep 3-4 BAT a month why do I have to share information like this sensitive?

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