Why didn't I receive my September rewards?

Raise a ticket, maybe. Raise one here

I have the same issue. Was supposed to get +31.258 BAT and it never showed up in my Verified Uphold account. According to the update Uphold payouts are ‘Complete’.

I already sent in a ticket. Lets see how this goes.

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same here, good luck.


Same I was to receive 9.003 bat in my verified uphold account but hadn’t received any this month @steeven @SaltyBanana @Mattches . Please take a look at this…

Wallet payment id :

Device : Android

email id associated :

i have 4 browsers. i have received from 2 or 3. impossible to know. but not my main on my desktop. this is the first time it’s taking this long

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Pues somos varios que estamos en la misma situacion. Pienso que esto tendrian que arreglarlo de una vez por todas porque este problema se viene repitiendo hace muchos meses.

May be your profie has been flagged by the system.

They said, “Any missed payments will roll over into the next payment period.”

That’s correct. The only thing is, that if it says that it’s processed at Brave’s end then they would not roll over. But since they say it should roll over then it should in your case.

I guess now it’s lost. Brave says, “Your +7.45 BAT October rewards will arrive in 7 days” but what about my September rewards? I had 5.xx BATs earned in September.

It tells you what your October rewards were. If you didn’t get the September rewards it’ll still be sent to you. It’ll give you September rewards in the Claim.

Sobre el comentario que la cuenta ha podido ser marcada, estoy apreciando hace tiempo que se estan marcando cuentas sin haber hecho nada para merecer tal trato. Consecuencia de ello, me estàn faltando muchos BATS por capricho de Brave. Muy descontento.

Same thing happened again!

There is no “Claim Rewards” option.


Can someone look into it? Brave team don’t even reply to my emails.

Yep, happened to me on my unverified profile. I guess we should wait for a few hours to see if that helps and we get a claim button.

I see the “Claim Rewards” option in my other Brave profile. Why so?

Can you please look into it, @Saoiray?

This is normal. It could be because the one where you received the button was up higher in the Payment list. You should get claim button on other devices eventually.

You can see it being one of the points at →

Thanks! I received my BATs, sorry for the trouble!

@rodal would you mind marking this as solved. We don’t want people to stretch already solved threads. Thanks!

No te sorprenda que aparezca ese mensaje. Llevamos asi mucho tiempo, esto se les ha ido de las manos y dan la callada por respuesta. Tanta irregularidad no es casual, yo sostengo que el pago en criptomoneda de Brave es una estafa y desde hace varios meses no la pagan voluntariamente. Nadie te va a dar una solucion, nadie va a dar la cara.

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