Why can't I verify my wallet?

Everytime I try to verify my wallet on my tablet and smartphone it says a minimum of 25BAT is needed and I have 4.560BAT on smartphone and 5.640 BAT on tablet.
With my PC works perfectly and I verified the wallet there. Is there something I can do to verify it on smartphone and tablet?

Greetings, the amount reflected may be considered on the basis of “Unit of Thousand” and you may not have completed the 25 Bats necessary to apply in the Wallet Verification system, check according to time and activity, How long it has been in Do I use Tablet and Telephone making a profit? If it is little, it may be Decimals and not “Unit of a Thousand Bats”

I have been using it for 2 months. On my PC I verified it and I have been using it less than tablet.

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