Why can't I take the money out?


I was really eager to try Brave. But after using the browser for a bit, I found it sluggish and buggy.

I’ve put some money into the wallet a while back - and now I want it back. How can I do this?


In short, currently the wallet is unidirectional. Please see https://brave.com/faq-payments/#refund-money for more information.



@drozzy which part of it did you find sluggish - the payments or the browsers overall process and in which OS?

How else are you going to pay certain publishers that deservedly need funds considering you ad-block them which I’m assuming you’re going to continue with in the other browsers?

In a couple of weeks time once they’ve passed v0.23.x, after most of the necessities have been fixed I’m sure you’ll prefer it’s functionality.

Just keep an eye out here and likewise watch them eagerly push new releases with better updates - https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/milestones

Alternatively, I’d recommend that you just backup your private key or recovery file and just upload it when there’s more hype around the browser:)

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