Why can't I get any answer about my appeal since 7 weeks

Hello team

Since July, I didn’t receive any tip into wallet because of BATS being freezen until anybody see that. I understand there are lots of accounts, so I didn’t want to make public post which would decrease Brave project I like and on I’m contributer since beginning. So I have maken an appeal case, as explained on messages I received, and also another by mail message as I readed here.

I didn’t received anything despite many visitors having sent BATS, also by twitter. Why can’t I get that I earned and why nobody is able to make me any answer ?

That sounds as you’re saying me having tried to steal … 40$ … Is it serious ?

I think that would have bad impacts into editors to not have any consideration when problem appears :confused:

Thanks a lot if somebody wants to help me on this case. Please understand I had remove at this moment pip to get tips, because I never receive anything, that is as lying at my website’s visitors.

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It sounds very human this browser business… When they say protect privacy from Google, I didn’t expect it’s to use Facebook tools to keep same data, maybe more :thinking:

And I’m sure you don’t have anymore answer into your topic, maybe aren’t you enough /Z. Generation,/… They think you being hater because you’re saying exactly that you think instead of that they need to be nice with you…
Welcome into the new world, best ever place to be! :earth_africa::joy::ok_hand:
I maybe have get another project more far from you and your soul, DM me when you get this message. (also don’t worry BAT is joke making to earn money a little time only, that’s why brave would accept others token and BTC… Why would I use BAT when I could get BTC or ETH?) :smirk:

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