Why can't I click on some links?

I’m trying to access some links, but when I leave the mouse on it and click nothing happens. I know I’m sounding like a boomer asking this sort of thing, but I’ve already checked if it’s some extension or something that’s causing this problem, but I haven’t found it.

Brave v1.44.101

Pop!_OS 22:04


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Hello there @MaironGui3, please accept my apologies for this inconvinience.

Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Also, could you please try opening your main profile in private or guest mode to see if the links load? If they do load, try disabling your extensions to see if this is the cause of the issue.

  1. On your computer, open Brave.
  2. At the top right, click Menu → More tools → Extensions.
  3. On to the extension you want to remove, click Remove.
  4. Confirm by clicking Remove.

Let me know if that works.

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