Why can’t I click on ‘Fund with debit/credit’ button?


I saw this topic addressed in the forum 3 months ago, but no clear resolution was detailed. I still have the same problem as shown in this screen shot:

Mac 10.10.5
Brave 0.18.29

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s well past time to get the credit card payment system going. I like Brave, but I am one of probably a very large number of users who simply will not go through the tedious process of learning about and using bitcoin. How about it, guys?

This is the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of Brave. When a big obstacle is obvious, that’s where your energy needs to go.


I agree completely. Very interested in Brave and its model. The bitcoin aspect is not a value add for me at all; on the contrary it is a barrier to adoption.


Could I suggest having that “Learn more…” link go to a specific forum post with some official info from the Brave team rather than going to the whole index of the Payments section of the forum? As a new user, I found that to be rather jarring. It would be great to have some sort of message about the status of credit/debit-card support or an ETA or something.

And if I can add my two cents to the previous posts, I’m interesting in trying out the micropayments but not in signing up for and buying Bitcoin just to experiment with Brave. That feels too much like buying Itchy and Scratchy money. :slight_smile:


I use Bitcoin, almost exclusively, and the biggest problem with spending it is that the price seems to continue going up. I spent $200 on computer hardware and that Bitcoin now has an $800 market value.


This feature is now replaced with BAT.

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