WHY Can’t delete URLs from “Sites that can always use cookies”

Why there is rubbish bin icon but it doesn’t work ? To solve this problem has been known over 2 years but NOTHING has happened ?!!

This is LAUGHABLE situation. WHO is the person responsible for this, the name ?

Give me the admin rights and I fix it now !


The bug is also seen in other browsers. The workaround is explained in many posts such as this one:

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Yes I found the solution by opening every website where shield was disabled and enabled them, but still, why there are those useless rubbish bin icons.

Last was nt question to answer, this is hw it is now.

Thanks for your reply

BS … many sites doesn’t let you work on them or often even see what’s in it, so the solution is to take the Brave shield down. And from now on I’ll always remember put the shields back before I leave the site. That’s it.

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@Emi , @pth

Just a bit of more info, that may help. I do not use Brave Sync. In my Preferences file (Brave Browser for Mac), the area around "referrers": { looks like (using brave://prefs-internals/):


cc: @JimB1

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