Why Brave Reward don't available for users from Belarus?

Why Brave Award don’t available for users from Belarus?

It’s because Belarus isn’t supported by Uphold / Gemini according to

Therefore isn’t eligible to earn rewards according to new changes.

@IceCoin There are two possible questions to see in yours and I don’t know which you mean.

On the first, if you’re saying that it shows you not available in your area, then it’s because you’re using Russia or Russian for your operating system on country or regional format. An example would be like you see at PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray

However, if you’re asking why you can’t link to Uphold at the moment and therefore can’t earn BAT for yourself, then it’s as SmartyAadi mentioned, it’s just that at this time Uphold isn’t allowing any accounts to link Brave to Uphold. You would see at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Geographies- that Belarus and countries in your area are on a restricted list, meaning no new accounts. Whenever countries become restricted, they usually prevent anyone from connecting their Brave accounts.

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