Why brave is not showing youube video?

Why brave is not showing video?


What error message are you receiving and which video? Just tested this without issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTPwbVqU6lc

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I had that issue yesterday, found it wasn’t Brave, was my VPN.

i am geeting many issue when i play video i see that it is not playing

Like what issue, what error message? Every video?

it stop in good net speed and redirect me to back


  1. Disable all extensions, retest Youtube.
  2. Test Youtube in Private window mode
  3. Test in Brave Beta to replicate the youtube issue.

Hello! I recently changed to Brave, DuckDuckGo for Browser & Service Engine and Proton for email. Within 2 days, I cannot subscribe, “like” or participate in comments and others’ comments are not visible to me. If I want to subscribe or like, I receive a message that I have to sign in to my old email with google. When choosing youtube videos for viewing I receive a message that says, if I go ahead to view it, google will be aware of it. (similar wording.) Being that I made the changes I did, I am not willing to return to the former surveillance and lack of privacy so I will stay out of it. In the meantime, I will say that I think everyone has the right to view especially News from around the world especially when we are in a crisis of covid, riots, elections, and much more! Just because I live in one country doesn’t eliminate my concern for family and friends in another country. So, I am hoping soon Brave will be compatible with the GOOD news stations because they are fighting for the same thing! Thankyou…take care & keep safe!

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