Why brave is better then most browsers

 I have used opera, Firefox, google chrome and the such and they are ok for most. They don't work good for me like brave does because they don't give the user full control which they should have. Brave allows the user to block only what they want to block and if needed allow everything. The others won't do this so: thank you brave. I got to the point where I wanted to make my own browser where the user has total control, features that help people in their lives, highly adaptable for each individual user, the ability to contact a real person for help when needed, chat abilities where people can chat and meet each other if desired, and a smooth cool look. Brave does a lot of this and I never knew about this a nice man told me about this I thank him too. If anyone see wrong information in this tell me or you can share your experiences o how brave benefits you. I had to add that brave is not perfect they still block some things and have no human to help people at least as far as I know.

@Thekeeper57 welcome to the community and also thank you for the post