Why Brave cooperates with Uphold?

Uphold has thousands of negative opinions on Trustpilot, after correct verification and adding the banking cards ,uphold blocks the account, collect data and then block, they do not answer questions, it is impossible to combine with Brave, continuous problems. It is frivolous and dangerous


Basically, the things required to have an exchange on board are mentioned above. As for your question, it is because Brave and Uphold were able to cooperate mutually

ok, but brave didn’t have to force users to integrate with fatal uphold. For years, brave has been using ad impressions on user devices and now it gives a choice for many ,either uphold that doesn’t work or the creator, it’s not fair

you just need to understand 1 very simple thing is this, brave and uphold are inherently 1 and they can’t be separated kkk

Email some media outlets, this stunt Brave is pulling is one of the biggest rug-pulls in the industry. They have allowed their loyal followers to accumulate BAT for years always promising that wallet solutions will come only to now say, hey sorry, all those BATS you have been accumulating, you either withdraw them through Uphold or lose everything.

They obviously don’t give a flying kite whether you are able to withdraw via Uphold or not, its not their problem. Also don’t forget, Brave was paid by the advertisers for all those ads you’ve watched. So they are sitting pretty and don’t care what happens to their customer base.

ahahaha they implemented their own wallet with no use cant even connect it to brave rewards

I, too, had a bad experienced with Uphold. But, I am glad they provided Gemini as an alternative. So, there is nothing you can, but to leave a feedback with Brave regarding to your issue with Uphold and/or go to Gemini if you want to send Brave Reward there.

everything is ok, but uphold blocks the account for no reason, on which no operation was performed after full verification, except for changing the password and 2fa and adding the card, does not answer questions, opinion about this company is dramatically low on trustpilot

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