Why brave browser is not working fine

hlo developers, i want your help , im using one plus 6t , and my internet connection is jio operator, and im belong to india, but why when im using brave browser and my jiofi.local.html ip address of jiofi router is not open im still considering why this is not open , jiofi.local.html is ip address of jiofi router by jio operator but still brave browser is not working fine plz , help me to open jiofi.local.html ,

im using brave because this browser is my favorite

The problem is, you want to access your router via the local address jiofi.local.html but it is not opening?
What exactly do you see when trying to open that site? (A screenshot would be helpful)

If Brave automatically searches for jiofi.local.html on the internet instead of opening it, try opening jiofi.local.html/ (note the appended slash)

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