Why brave accounts still showing 15.00 BAT!

I’ve got 15.00 BAT as reward. I tipped out all the 15.00 BAT. Why my wallet is till showing 15.00 BAT?

And sometimes, “Something went wrong”

Thank you.

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Can you add more details to your post, please?

I got 15.00 BAT as reward from Brave Browser Android. Then I Contribute all the 15.00 BAT to YouTube channels.

Still Brave Waller showing 15.00 BAT but if I tip, it says something went wrong.

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Go to chrome://rewards/donation and check if your contribution is listed.
If not, then wait until the proccess end.

Yes, done.

Total tips this month

15.0 BAT 5.76 USD

Ok, now you have to wait, as far as I know Brave is a little buggy, specially with rewards/BATs.
If it’s listed then dont worry, just wait.

Join…hello…:+1::+1::+1: yeeess…okey…

i have 151 downloaded and 46 installed and 3 confirmed but i receive only 15 BAT