Why Bat got devalued so much?

I mean, two or three months ago Bat was more than 1$ and now it’s worth less than a half of it.

Sorry for my bad english.

Every coin across the board is more than half less than they were a month ago. Most are closely related to ETH and will do what it does.

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It’s quite usual for a lot of alt-coins to follow Bitcoin/Ethereum price spikes. BAT followed the rise, but since that rise was purely artificial it’s now coming down.

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I’ve heard the only one good thing about the less value is, advertising campaigners will be more inclined to buy more ads which result in more ads for us when they are lower! But yes, it a shame we have lost BAT value in wallets etc.

HODL… With the impending doom of the $US Dollar$ crypto will be King…

Artificial? Was the decrease also created? Yes all coins, even Bitcoin are controlled. Nothing is “decentralized”, but you think the drop would be more forced so everyone sells, the big corps buy em all up, price goes back up, corps become billionaires.

china is taking manipulation to a whole new level… even the US is joining in… heck yeah governments, big corps, big finance, even hedge funds, etc… are going to buy up as much as they can in a coordinated pattern and eventually slam jack the price up of all crypto… individual investors are freaking right now because of crazy volitilty and/or the big drops. Then they panic sell which only increases how much the manipulators hold… im HODL’n!!!

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