Why bat coins are not getting transfferd to my uphold wallet

its been more than one month i had 10 batcoins in my brave publishers creators account ! and still it is not getting transfferd in my uphold wallet why?? my uphold account is verified you can see it is also connected in the screenshot this is the last time i am creating this post after that i will leave this brower its been 3 months i am using this browser havent got a single penny even if i have something but i can even use them then what is the point of using this browser ?

Same bro :sweat_smile::thinking: i have 25 bats but i did not recieve any bat in my uphold till yet … I think bat publisher dont want to give money from theri pocket and they even does not stand at their words
In this month if i does not get my bats token in my uphold then i will surely give bad rating and review and will never recommend my users to use it😡

i think i found the solution just change the deposit currency to ETH in brave creators account bro i think you have set Bat in the deposit currency change to Eth today i got 10.45 coins in my uphold wallet. try this it will help

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