Why aren't you using Brave Payments?



I’m kicking off 2018 with a thread where those of us who aren’t using Brave Payments can explain why we’re not, and suggest changes that would get us to use it.

Here’s my main barrier to entry: I believe everything should be as simple as possible, and Brave Payments, in my opinion, is needlessly complicated.

I believe in privacy, but not at any price. I greatly respect people who want total anonymity, but not everyone is willing to make the required trade-off in ease of use. Anonymity to the point of not being able to use a credit card will keep me from using Brave Payments.

I really want to use Brave Payments. I want to block ads and tracking, but I realize that if publishers don’t get paid, the websites those ads support will disappear.

The following barriers keep me from using Brave Payments:

(1) I use Brave on an iMac, a MacBook Air, an Android phone, a Windows 7 desktop and on two Linux distributions. In this age of synchronized devices, you’re asking me to (for now, at least) create multiple accounts – to do exactly the same thing. This is needless duplication, in my opinion, and it’s far too time consuming.

(2) I can’t use MasterCard. That’s the only credit card I have ever used and the only online payment system I have ever used. Why? Because I’ve yet to hear a compelling reason to change. MasterCard is used by merchants big and small around the world. If MasterCard is good enough for almost everyone, it should be good enough for Brave. PLEASE NOTE that I’m not suggesting a credit card transaction for every payment to a publisher. Rather, (for those of us who are willing to identify ourselves to Brave Software), let us use MasterCard to deposit money directly into a single Brave account for all platforms.

(3) Cryptocurrencies have yet to meet my test for legitimacy. (For example, to quote the Economist: “Currencies need to have a steady price if they are to be a medium of exchange.”) And I don’t fully understand your explanation of a utility token. Brave says converting my Bitcoin to BAT “can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.” I don’t consider that ready for prime time.

(4) I don’t want to give anyone access to my bank account. If my credit card is defrauded, MasterCard would generally reimburse me.

I consider Brave Payments to be the reason the browser exists. So if you’re not using it, please use this thread to tell the community why.


Thanks for the feedback @LinuxLoon. :slight_smile:

#1 Did you mean “account” on Brave Payments? Yes, currently if you install Brave on 2 different computer and you turned ON Payments for each, you’ll get 2 personas. The team is working on a sync feature that include ability to sync your Brave Payments.

“In the future, you will have a single persona that is synchronised securely and anonymously across all of your devices.” – https://brave.com/faq-payments/#brave-personas

#2 and #4 The team also working on credit card option. It’s in the priority list AFAIK. So in the future user will be able directly fund their Brave Payments wallet using credit card.

#3 In the earlier Brave Payments system, it used BTC wallet. That’s the message that shown when Brave converting the previous BTC wallet to BAT wallet after they moved to BAT a months ago. https://brave.com/faq-payments/#previous-bitcoin-wallet

That message should disappear after the conversion done. If you still face that bouncing ball message for more than couple hours, let us know. :slight_smile:

Also loopin-in @luke.mulks or @LaurenWags for additional answer and correction.


Hi @LinuxLoon

@eljuno is correct AFAIK on all points. My only addition is that for #3, this does depend on a degree to your internet speed. Faster internet speed should in most cases mean less time.



Thanks very much for the very helpful replies. I am eagerly awaiting those changes as it pains me to be using this awesome browser without using Brave payments.


BTC isn’t workable - I did a transaction last week that cost $14 in fees… took more than a week.

But- I would only be interested in using this if it used some workable crypto currency.


@xtronics Brave Payments now use BAT (Basic Attention Token), their own token. You still able to fund your wallet using other crypto (BTC/ETH/LTC) and it’ll automatically converted to BAT.



I don’t want to sound stupid or suspicious but i’d be glad to get an explanatory video about how this thing exactly works. Who gives what and how, who gets what and how … I have some assumptions about it but I am not sure if they are accurate. A link to a video on the payments page would be a great thing.
And also, I am not using crypto for now, though I might in the future, when it becomes more stable and ecologically acceptable ( I am talking about this https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/bitcoins-insane-energy-consumption-explained/ )



Basically: You put in money, the browser splits that money across all the sites you’ve visited during the last month proportionally to how much time you spent on each site.

I believe once the Brave/BAT ad system is launched, you can also opt-in to see non-invasive ads that respect your privacy and get paid BAT tokens.

And on the topic of the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain platform BAT runs on (Ethereum) is moving away from Proof of Work in the near future, and switching to the more ecologically aware PoS. (Proof of Stake)


Not sure if gresakg was referring exclusively to how Brave Payments works on a macro level, or if he was also asking for better instructions on how to use it.

I wholeheartedly support his comments about the environmental aspect (i.e., the unsustainable electricity demands of cryptocurrencies). I forgot to list that as one of the things keeping me from using Brave Payments. Glad to hear Brave is seeking an alternative.

At the user level, the payment system also needs to be much simpler.

For example, when I updated Brave (on Ubuntu Budgie 17.10), Brave put some BAT in my (account?). This lured me into trying to use it, but I wasn’t able to transfer anything to my wallet – and it didn’t tell me why it wouldn’t work.

I apologize for not documenting the specifics. At the time I just thought, “Ha! It figures! Too complicated!” and said the heck with it.

That’s why (for me, at least) it’s so important to expedite the credit card option (which eljuno noted you are working on). Circumventing cryptocurrencies would remove a huge hurdle for me.


To be fair the entire ad/payments system is still based on the BAT token and blockchain technologies, so you wouldn’t really be circumventing cryptocurrencies. You would just be converting your fiat money into BAT tokens on the fly. (which might be more expensive than just using crypto, considering that in addition to the network fee, you would probably have to pay some sort of exchange fee or at the very least a fee from the payment provider) But i do agree that adding CC support would make Brave Payments a lot more accessible.

Not sure what you mean by not being able to transfer to your wallet. The Brave Payments wallet that stores your funds is omnidirectional, so you can not move your tokens out of it to a regular Ethereum wallet. Once you fund your wallet with tokens, those tokens must be used in the payments system. If i remember correctly, the promotional tokens just appeared in the balance on the payments screen once they were claimed.


Sorry, I was obviously confused about accepting what I thought were free BAT :-). I just quickly clicked on whatever and didn’t think of writing it down or doing a screen capture. In any event, my account balance is currently zero so I’ve turned off payments again.


Just thought I would share some first impressions here, seems relevant to this topic…

When first hunting down “Brave Payments” because I knew that’s a component of the browser…

  • not really introduced it by anything in the Brave interface.

Found it and toggled it on, only to be greeted with this:

Not sure if I should be waiting or not and what for and why - anything other than immediate should perhaps give a time estimate - ended up writing this post whilst waiting for the wallet to create (2/3 minutes).

Edit #1

OK so now it’s created…

Now the “monthly budget” has a price “(17.88 USD)”, not clear why it was not displayed before the wallet was created.

Perhaps the currency should also be picked up from the local system i.e. GBP (£) for me in the UK.


My minimum monthly is 25 BAT (17.88USD) which at the moment is 22.19 Canadian dollars. I would like to know how the amount of 25 BAT was determined.

Shouldn’t I be allowed to set my own minimum budget? It’s my money – and we are talking about micro-payments. Or am I taking the word “micro” too literally?


This just got fixed in the latest release:

36 AM

Here’s the announcement: V0.19.131dev for laptop has been released!


Any update on when we’ll be able to sync between laptop/desktop installs of Brave? I’d particularly like to be able to sync with the Android version of Brave, since that’s where most of my web article reading happens; it seems unfair for those reads not to get a slice of my monthly payments.


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