WHY are you no longer supporting Windows 7?

Hello vikinggold,

Thank you for the kind reply (which original comment seems to have stirred-up something of a hornets’ nest…).

(My intent was simply to mention a Chromium-based browser compatible with Win 7 that is still in active development and substantially safer than Chromium 109, albeit not necessarily with the latest Chromium build.)

To answer your original question, the last version of Brave Browser that runs under Win 7 is: V. 1.47.186 (Chromium: 109.0.5414.119), the full installers for which can be found at: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases/tag/v1.47.186.

With respect to Windows 7 (and also Windows Server 2008 R2), there is an outfit known as 0Patch (co-founded by computer science professional Mitja Kolsek) that creates “micropatches for the most-likely-to-be-exploited critical vulnerabilities”.

“The goal of 0patch is not to micropatch every vulnerability but the important ones, such as those exploited in the wild or those without official vendor patches.”


As of now, they will continue to offer patches for Win 7 through 2025.

(One still must utilize an effective third-party antimalware solution; my current choice is Bitdefender Free, which I also run with Malwarebytes Premium, for which I have grandfathered lifetime licenses. Avira Free also offers decent protection.)

Finally, to run legacy software (that no longer receive security updates) under Win 7 with virtually bullet-proof safety, you might also investigate the venerable sandboxing utility Sandboxie (which continues under active development). It is easy to use, and effective.
https://github.com/sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie (documentation: https://github.com/sandboxie-plus/sandboxie-docs).

Hope these prove useful. Take care.


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