WHY are we not able to KNOW WHO TIPPED US in order to be able to THANK them ? Why this choice?

I’m trying to find how to trace (as cryptocurrencies ALWAYS OFFER since it is the MAIN purpose of them) Who tipped me in order to genuinely thank them

I did not find how and support is inefficient. No answer since a loooong time. I wanted to be an Ambassador but I’m avoiding for now.

Could some people tell me why is it not possible to trace who tipped us ?
Why not offering this option which is the MINIMUM for any crypto project since this is the MAIN BUILT IN FEATURE of any crypto. I don’t understand.
Wouldn’t it be a better world to be able to thank the ones helping us, tipping us ?


But this is your first post in this forum? :thinking:

Because by design, Brave team make it anonymous. And it’ll not changed. https://brave.com/faq/#anonymous-contributions

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Why not answering the question and bring value here, rather than focusing on something secondary ?
Then, I sent my question to another support form I found, don’t remember where on the Brave website.
So do you have an answer to the question or was it just to come bothering and make us both lose our time ?

This one is the answer @magicyvan :point_up:

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Interesting. Why this choice ? What is the supposedly benefit of it for the person funding us, and ourselves ? Why not letting us have to ability to thank people helping us ?
I understand the privacy about surfing/ads,…, and so on, but in this case, were you can build a connection, a human connection with someone helping you… NOT. Weird approach. It seems a limited way of thinking to apply privacy in this specific case. Or there is a very clever reason I don’t know about ?
Why is there no explanation about the reason chosen for this ? Is there any debate with the Community about this one way choice ?

One solution could be an optional email or other contact address field that someone can fill out.

As @eljuno stated, the goal is for users to have the ability to tip in confidence that their identity isn’t tied to their browsing and/or contributions. If a user wishes to disclose their support for a property, they are free to do so. We are exploring integrations with services which will offer users a more streamlined way to self-disclose a contribution. For instance, streaming sites often allow users to identify themselves (even with an ad-hoc nickname). I hope this helps!

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Hi. Being able to leave a message or disclose identity is a right to have. People should have the choice. In an implemented automated way. Always being stubborn on privacy at all cost is not thinking in a free way. Leaving your identity for someone you like because you tipped him seems normal. And BETTER like I said. It could be IMPORTANT for the receiver to KNOW. In order to have the minimum way of BEHAVING AS HUMANS and be able to THANK PEOPLE, and also MAKE CONNECTIONS ! Is it not what we realize we should enhance in those crisis times ? The connection with people and community rather than BUILDING FENCES all the time ? I am all about privacy, but not when it is not an empowering way of using it when it could be a lot more interesting to leave it open at some times !
BY THE WAY : The brave approach about ADS is the same ! You leave to the people the choice to chose what they wanna see or not. NOT FORCING A CHOICE. This is the RIGHT approach. Or else it does not have the proper original mindset
It is not because you leave your identity for a TIP that your life is compromised. It is just leaving your identity for a tip, like when you write a message when giving a gift, people like to do this, people like to know who did this. Simple human behavior, and empowering one ! It has to be respected rather the limited. I hate this privacy forcing on everything, it is not a right open mindset to force it and not letting people chose.
Thanks for your answer ! HAve a great day !

Thanks for your answer, yes I agree. Like I said below, If the mindste of Brave is to let the people chose for ads, it should be the same for the rest ! cheeers

Thank you for the feedback, @magicyvan. We’ll continue to work towards improving the system, while giving users more control and options over how their identity is connected to contributions.

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