Why are the community managers closing all topics about other Crypto Wallets?

I just found out about this browser via my research for the BAT coin over on Coinbase.com. As I watched over 4 videos, promotional content, read some reviewes, and tested the browser out on one of the most ad driven sites to see how well it works, I noticed the following -

  1. Why doesn’t this thing support connections to other wallets?

  2. Why am I limited to only using a GID, or the account provided?

  3. Why not make the service connect to a wallet as the features geared around gaining BAT coins is the pure driver for this browser, followed by it’s great ability to really block ads (until devs find a way around it).

Please don’t just close the topic - give us a clear rational why this is not an option - technical or otherwise. Is it a legal thing? Location thing …

Great service, and idea but so far room for serious improvements by giving users more options.