Why are the BATs lost? With whom can I solve the problem directly?

Why did my BATs disappear? I had a dollar from this month until yesterday, and right now that I open brave on my pc I have nothing, I understand when pennies go down due to the movement of all cryptocurrencies but this is not normal. What I can do? or with whom should I contact directly?


I also had USD $0.67 then I refreshed the page and now I have USD $0.00 :frowning: .There is something to do to get the BAT tokens back? pls

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Hi there. Same thing happened to me. At first I tought it was because I need to change the time and date everytime I open windows due to a problem in my notebook’s motherboard but it’s not the case for I have opened the browser before with the wrong time and date and then after fixing it my BATS went back to normal. I had a total of 1.24 cents 2 hours ago and now I have 0.00 . I hope the issue to be solved. I live in Argentina and Brave has been really helpfull since that little amount of cash has helped to be able to pay some stuff.

Edit 2 : Here is a capture showing that I received 194 ads this month .

Edit. I just recieved an add and it’s like I began all the process again, taking that add as the first one sent during Agoust . When actually during the entire month I received 194 ads.


Yes sir, It seems this has happened to many of us yet no explaination or response from Brave. It would be really nice to have an explaination of why this occurred after allowing Crap Ad after Crap Ad on my browser. Used Brave browser for like a week to earn less than single Bat while telling everyone how nice my new browser experience has been while receiving real crypto currency just to have it removed when it was understood at my end that if I endure these Crap Ads for like a month I could at least buy a stick of gum from a friend who happens to open their pack in my presence but I don’t think that’ll be the case after all, Thank’s Brave, you really are a google project after all it seems.

Aqui também aconteceu o mesmo, eu tinha 7.500 e BATs guardados e sumiram do nada.

Actually it was happening to me monthly. I jaust found out that it was being transferred to bat software international montly without my authorization. I don’t know if is just a mistake. Seems they are taking what they are given. Pity me

Scam. Been using brave for quite some time now. All my earnings are taken by bat software international.

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