Why are the address bar appearance different when I reinstalled Brave?

My older computer has this address bar appearance:

But my newer computer it seems like that:

Beside the backward and forward button seems different, the worst part is the address bar is much bigger in the newer computer, it almost invades the tab space. So, it is less beautiful. I couldn’t find anything in the setting about changing it. Both devices run v 1.61.116 versions and there is no theme installed.

We have made some UI changes but the address bar shouldn’t be that big — can you share a screenshot of the whole browser window so that I can get a better sense of the scale?

Older one:

Newer one:

Does hitting the magnifying glass with the - sign in it in the address bar make any difference?


Very strange. If you launch a Private browsing window does it appear the same way? Additionally, if you create a new profile, does that profile also appear with the thick address bar?

Yes, both the same way.
Private window:

New profile:

And about the backward and forward buttons that I said in the begging? Why does it look different? Could it be correlated?

Thank you for testing.
Honestly I’m not clear as to why the browser looks that way. You don’t have a custom theme running at this time do you (even though I don’t think themes can affect the icons directly like that, nor the size of the address bar)? If so, try disabling it and see if that makes any difference.

The browser address bar and arrows should look like it does on mine:

We are changing the back/forward arrow design in an upcoming release, but that is still not what they should look like — new design simplifies them to look like the following (image taken from Brave Beta build):

Since you said that you have reinstalled recently, i think you can uninstall that version and install an older version of brave…

It’s also possible the version of brave which you have might not be officially from brave, maybe an clone pretending to be brave browser, so its recommended you take action soon.

Download an older standalone offline installer version from GitHub

Try this version





Select the Link and click "GO to https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/releases..." , the download will begin automatically…

This is very older version but as soon as you install it , Brave will update to latest version…

Even after you attempt this method and issue persists, then it could be brave issue otherwise it’s not…

I can confirm it’s not a brave issue… and additionally, i like the older buttons. if brave team were to change this , i would say only do that if they could provide options to choose between older button and Newer buttons similar to how buttons can be customized in Blackplayer EX Music Player. If this option cant be provided due to chromium restrictions, please do not change it for the sake of change as i am already upset with losing the beautiful Lock icon…

No, I literally installed a fresh Windows 11 and Brave. There is no theme applied.

That’s very strange. The way your browser looks it’s exactly what it was looking in my older computer. I’m guessing it’s something related with Windows 11.

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Link Errors Fixed.

Now the download should work.

Scary! I will try it!

If its a fresh install than I assume you haven’t changed any flags (brave://flags)? I’m also wondering if there are any accessibility settings you have configured in Windows at this time?

No difference

Can you Share an image of control panel installed softwares?

Also have you changed your display scaling settings ?

No, I haven’t. And I don’t know what flags are.

Hmm I don’t think so. But it’s a Windows Surface Pro 8 and it’s in tablet mode. It changes somethings, like the taskbar. But if it’s the cause, Brave address bar would be the only thing where I see something awkward happening.

This one?

Beside the tablet mode, display scaling is the recommended one.

You’re not the only one… This also affects other chromium based browsers/users who uses the tablet mode

Its your tablet mode causing the appearance for the way why it looks like the way which you’re complaining about…

Bard Gives you more Explanation related to this behavior.

Yes, that definitely explains it. Would have been good to know from the beginning.

Please try taking it off tablet mode and check to see if the issue is resolved.

Oh! So, tablet mode is the reason for it.

But there’s a problem… Microsoft removed the option to manually turn off “Table Mode” in Windows 11. The only way to turn it off if it’s connected to a keyboard. But it seems to work only if it’s a officially Microsoft branded keyboard, because I’m connect to a keyboard using Bluetooth and Windows doesn’t recognize it as a keyboard. So I can’t turn off Tablet Mode…

[Windows 11/10] How to Switch Between Tablet Mode and Desktop Mode | Official Support | ASUS USA
Nevertheless, other Browser (like Edge) there is no problem using Table Mode, so I think it’s a problem with Brave address bar appearance when someone is using Table mode in Windows 11.

Anyway, I’m grateful for the help :grinning: